Our Services


Steel Detailing

  • Create and Check 3D Model of Tekla Structures & SDS2 using version of your choice.
  • Create Advanced Bill of Material if required to import in to Management Software. (Fabtrol, EJE, FabSuite etc...)
  • Create and track Request for Information queries if required. (RFI's)
  • Create 2D Shop (Single or Multi Shop sheets), Erection Drawings and Anchor Bolt Setting Plan.
  • Create Gather Drawings or Single Part Drawings of all parts on the project.
  • Create Bill of Material Export File for Fabricator's use. (ABM's Fabtrol files, Kiss files etc...)
  • Create NC1 & DXF Files tailored to the Fabricator's equipment.
  • Create Field Bolt: Point to Point Placement List and Summaries for all Field Bolts.

Engineering Needs

  1. Connection Designs
  2. Sealed Calculations